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Happy Holidays
From Nearly Semi Annual's Lounge!


Raves and Testimonials:

"J.D. and Fitz's Nearly Semi Annual Holiday Party. With a Keg. Was awesome. Thanks for having us." --Jesse Woodruff, "The Lansing State Journal".

"J.D. and . . . what? . . . Nearly Perennial . . . Keg . . . sounds interesting." --J.D.'s friend Daniel, who knows someone who works for the "Los Angeles Times".

"J.D. and Fitz's Nearly Semi Annual Holiday Party. With a Keg. IS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!" --Mel Woodruff, daughter of Francis Woodruff of "The Dalton Gazette & Kidron News".
Boys and Girls,

Have you checked your cell phone of choice, COSI-style Foucault Pendulum, (or lame wall calendar with cute puppies on it) recently??? If so, you may have noticed: It's most definitely that "nearly semi annual" time of the year again!!!

So without further ado, we'd like to invite you to . . .

"J.D. and Fitz's Nearly Semi Annual Holiday Party. With a Keg."

(--And that's "nearly" as in we had it seven years ago, five years ago, four years ago, three years ago, two years ago and last year, but not six years ago. And "semi" as in BIG. Like a truck.)

This year, it's all going down on Friday, Decemer 28th.

"I can't remember that", you say? Fear not! There's a facebook event to remind you.

If you've never been to one of these things before . . . shame on you! (--Or shame on us, if you haven't been invited. Actually, let's just share the shame, I don't want this to get awkward.)

Basically, it's a hella sweet nearly semi annual party . . . which is widely celebrated to be THREE-TIMES as big and awesome as any less-awesome party a third of its size.

If you have been to one of these before, you know the drill. Once again, we've painstakingly combed through all the exit-party-polls . . . and we're happy to announce that ALL your favorites will be returning!

Anyway, friends: We're getting pretty damn good at this by now . . . and again this year, we've made some kick-ass improvements that we KNOW you're going to love.

Naturally, we can't let you in on ALL the new, nearly semi annual wrinkles this year . . . if we did, we'd probably have to have thought of them (and possibly trade-marked them) by now.

Regarding food, we'll provide a few hors d'oeuvres as well as some more substantial options to keep those bellies happy throughout the evening.

So when does the insanity begin? We will be tappin' the keg at 5:01pm (or very shortly thereafter).

Yes, that's right my darlings, this is an all-day, all-night kick-back. We want to hang out with you as much as we can, so why not drop by early and make a day of it?

Bring you, your significant other(s), your eats, your drinks, your games . . . or nothing. Come naked (we'll wrap you in some serviceable burlap party-attire) . . . and just relax and enjoy an epic day with gluttonous portions of friends, fun, food and drink. This party is all for you, you selfish bums.

Oh! And yes, we will have a keg. (And, as an added debaucherous perk, it'll be filled with beer!) If you don't drink . . . or have some weird childhood-stemming phobia of barrel-confined liquids . . . don't worry, there will be an impressive assortment of non-alcoholic and alcoholic alternatives.

All this nearly semi annual nonsense is going down at J.D.'s place . . . (in Ohio, you knuckleheads.)

465 W. Lebanon Rd. S.
Dalton, Ohio 44618

So whatdya say? Yes? Well, we thought so. Drop us a quick RSVP below (we'd like to make sure we have enough name tag stickers), and we'll see you there!

J.D. Shultz (847.921.1023) and Dusty "Fitz" Fitzwater (330.465.7241)