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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are beards allowed at Nearly Semi Annual's Lounge?
  • You bet. Beards of any denomination are welcome here. All beards subject to search at the discretion of lounge staff.
  • Does Nearly Semi Annual's have alcohol?
  • Good question. We have recently discovered that it is customary for bars to stock alcoholic beverages for their patrons. So, in the spirit of conformity, we've decided to arrange for a keg as well as a variety of other inebriants.
  • I heard this place had a holiday party about semi trucks.
  • No no no, it's big LIKE a truck... LIKE a truck.
  • What should I bring?
  • Nothing.
  • No, really, what should I bring?
  • Nothing. We didn't do all this work party-planning for you to screw it up by bringing a bocce ball set, a grand piano, or two oven sheets of tiramisu.
    Actually, that tiramisu might be OK.
  • Seriously, I insist on bringing something... other than the tiramisu.
  • Whatever floats your boat. We don't expect you to bring anything, but if you'd like to share some Christmas leftovers or class things up with one of your exquisite tastes in food or drink, feel free.
  • Can I bring my pets?
  • Absolutely! Pets of all sorts are welcome at Nearly Semi Annual's as long as they are not animals.
  • Where should I park?
  • What an oddly specific forward-thinking question!
    This is nothing to be concerned about. Just drive up to the house.
    If you come early enough... which we highly suggest that you do... we will have a friendly valet staff helping us arrange the parking.
  • Does Nearly Semi Annual's Lounge stock Patch soda (pop)?
  • Let's see: It didn't five years ago, it did three years ago, it didn't two years ago, but it did last year. So, what about this year?
    Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. Nearly Semi Annual's had a little renovation during its 364-day offseason. So, yes, it'll be fully stocked.
  • When does "J.D. and Fitz's Nearly Semi Annual Holiday Party. With a Keg." end?
  • It doesn't... until you go home. So, don't go home. No one wants a party this amazing to end!
    On a related note, since many of us will be enjoying alcoholic beverages at this party... and due to the unpredictability of this "Ohio weather" you have, please know that there is plenty of space for anyone who would like to crash at Nearly Semi Annual's Lounge.
  • I'm really sad that I can't make it to Nearly Semi Annual's holiday party: J.D. and Fitz's Nearly Semi Annual Holiday Party. With a Keg.
  • That's not a question.
  • When can I submit possible questions for this FAQs page?
  • This page is updated nearly semi-annually.
  • I get lost easily. Is this anywhere near the Dari-ette?
  • Here, let the Google show you:

Nearly Semi Annual's Lounge, 465 W. Lebanon Rd. S., Dalton, OH 44618  |  J.D. 847.921.1023  |  Fitz 330.465.7241